2019 Wholesale Financing VS Fancy Money

Never a dull moment in the Mortgage Biz. 2019 began with a lot of dark and cloudy news regarding the real estate market but here we are mid-March and the sun is finally breaking through those gloomy skies with a ray of light which is Lower Interest Rates. Just in the nick of time for the Spring home-buying season. Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Nobody knows how long these interest rates will remain but as we’ve seen within the last year, rates can skyrocket basically overnight. Now is an ideal time to take advantage of the low monthly payment and low to ZERO Down Payment opportunities that some but not all lenders are offering.

There are many reasons that I chose to hang my mortgage originator license with a Wholesale Mortgage Broker versus a Direct Lender or Big Bank and they all have to do with offering the customer the most advantageous loan terms, saving our clients the most money today, and over the life of the loan. As a broker we’re connected with multiple wholesale lenders offering our customers solid incentives which is a financial no-brainer for our clients. Our lenders are competing in a bidding war against other lenders to win our clients’ business. We do all of the work upfront, searching and shopping for our clients’ best interests similar to how an insurance broker or travel agent operates. Most of our loans are zero-points and include hefty lender credits to cover 3rd party fees for our clients which results in less cash out of pocket or if refinancing less or zero fees rolled into the new loan. Win-Win!

Banks or Direct Lenders usually won’t offer many of the loan products that a Broker does due to their profitability and liability concerns, plus due to their high overhead costs they usually mark up their interest rates preventing them from being able to compete with the Brokers rates. Brokers don’t take on those concerns since the actual lender does which gives the Broker the freedom to focus on what works best for the consumer without gouging the client with an interest rate mark-up. I always encourage folks to be sure to throw a broker in the mix when shopping for home financing.

If you could buy the same goods that Nordstrom sells in their fancy stores for much less money at Costco and still receive excellent service wouldn’t you choose Costco…of course, you would. Same idea with a Broker/Costco vs Direct Bank/Nordstrom. The last time I checked there isn’t any “designer money” so when it comes to the largest investment of your life why pay a higher interest rate over 30 years for Fancy Bank offices.

At the end of the day, I find that every customer’s situation is unique. Customizing our services and products accordingly is imperative for a smooth closing. Whether it’s credit issues, complicated income taxes, self-employed business owners, divorce, bankruptcy, medical collections, and anything in-between our job is to get the scoop from the client and then create a game plan for successful loan approval. Working with an experienced Loan Officer is also very important because experience foresees what the underwriter will require to sign-off on your upcoming Loan Approval.

If you have the following items and would like to begin the Loan Approval process Click the Button below.

  1.  Previous 2 years income tax returns (with W2’s if applicable)
  2.  30 day’s most recent pay stubs
  3.  2 months most recent bank statements (all pages even if blank)
  4.  Statements for any investment, retirement, 401k, IRA accounts
  5.  Photo i.d. & social security card (if you don’t have the ss card we can help)
  6.  If refinancing – most recent mortgage statement(s), home insurance dec page & HOA stub if applicable
  7.  Please Email the above items in pdf form to Bill@BillsHomeLoans.net 


Just some of our many Loan Products:

  1.  Conventional Conforming Loans (under $484,350) 30, 25, 20, 15 & 10 year fixed.
  2.  High Balance Conforming/Super Conforming (from 484,350 to $726,525)
  3.  10% Down Jumbo to $3mil Low Rates
  4.  VA Zero Down or 100% Cash-out for any reason (for our honored Veterans), FHA 3.5% down & USDA for rural properties
  5.  Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM’s)
  6.  Cash-Out for any reason
  7.  Reverse Mortgages for 62 years young plus
  8.  Stated Income Loan (No tax returns, No W2’s, No P&L)
  9.  Bank statement income loans (Self Employed Business Owners)
  10.  Hard Money Loans (As low as 20% Down – minimal documentation – fund in 7-10 days)
  11.  Flipper Loans (Many options)
  12.  ZERO Down 105% Financing which includes closing costs
  13.  Foreign Nationals
  14.  5% Down Jumbos (Lender paid pmi)
  15.  Agricultural, Farms, Vineyards (25-30% Down)
  16.  Ground-up Construction (for custom or spec homes and commercial )
  17.  Any many more, contact me with your specific scenario.


My team and I look forward to meeting you, being of service and answering all of your questions!!!


Bill Jones – Sr. Mortgage Advisor – Call or Text (714) 760-1353 available on weekends – Email: Bill@BillsHomeLoans.net

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