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California Housing Market Report & Predictions

California Housing Market Report & Predictions Despite a big drop in housing sales, house prices across the State of California actually rose again in December. 2021 was a strong year. Despite slower sales in December, it was the best year for existing single–family home sales in California in over a decade. The California statewide median

Should You Refinance in 2021?

REFINANCE 2021 MARKET Looking at refinancing your home in 2021? This may be the perfect time for you to do so. After the ongoing pandemic affecting the housing market over the last year and a half, the result may be in perfect favor for those wanting to refinance. If you’re

3 Best Colleges in California

California’s four-year institutions include some of the world’s most prestigious public and private schools, with highly competitive admissions processes reflecting said reputations. Freshmen impaction, or setting caps on the number of students a school can admit, is a real concern for public universities in California, including campuses within the California

2019 Wholesale Financing VS Fancy Money

Never a dull moment in the Mortgage Biz. 2019 began with a lot of dark and cloudy news regarding the real estate market but here we are mid-March and the sun is finally breaking through those gloomy skies with a ray of light which is Lower Interest Rates. Just in